AVIA-GIS conducts fifth VECMAP on-tour in Wageningen

December 14th 2017

VECMAP® on-tour Season-2 has got off the starting blocks with our neighboring country, The Netherlands, in close collaboration with Wageningen University & Research.

The workshop was conducted on December 14, 2017, with 15 participants coming from different institutes: Wageningen University & Research, Centre for Monitoring of Vectors, and Doctors without Borders. The group provided such a nice blend of students and experts from various fields, which emphasizes how our software addresses the needs of many professionals.

…The VECMAP® workshop that was organized in Wageningen provided my group with hands-on training in the use of spatial models for vector ecology. Rather than using expensive spatial software, the Light version provided most students with sufficient possibilities to answer the research questions that they have. The trainers (Wesley Tack and Fatima Hammouqah) were very helpful and tried to cater the workshop to the needs of the participants. Although a one-day workshop is short, it provided me with sufficient insight into the use and opportunities of VECMAP® Sander Koenraadt, Wageningen U&R

During the workshop, participants got introduced to VECMAP®, its added value to their work, and how to gear it to their specific needs. They also got a hands-on training on spatial modelling with VECMAP® Lite using their own VECMAP® Lite software package.

Adolfo Ibanez-Justicia, Centre for Monitoring of Vectors, has a long history with VECMAP being one of the first demonstrators of VECMAP. He expressed his positive impression about the evolution of VECMAP and its usefulness for his work and that of fellow researchers and policy makers.

We sincerely thank the Hacettepe University, Ecology Section, especially Pro. Bulent Alten & Ms Ozge Erisoz, PhD, for hosting this workshop and the good organization.

We also thank all our participants for their enthusiasm and learning spirit. We look forward to hearing about how they will integrate VECMAP® into their work.

"VECMAP® on-tour" is the new Avia-GIS initiative to organize introductory workshops hosted by institutions throughout Europe which are at the heart of the action.

This workshop is one of several workshops to come that will take place in different countries until the month of April 2017. Next season starts in September 2017. If interested, please express your interest by clicking on the link.



Wageningen University & Research