AVIA-GIS conducts seventh VECMAP on-tour in Murcia

February 22nd 2018

VECMAP® on-tour took place this time in sunny Murcia, Spain, on the 22nd February 2018, in collaboration with University of Murcia. Prof Eduardo Berriatua, Professor of Animal Health, Facultad de Veterinaria.

In addition to the excellent organisation and enthusiastic participants, we were honoured to have Ms María Elisa Gómez Campoy, the Head of the Environmental Health Department from Murcia Regional Health Council together with her team who are currently using VECMAP for their Tiger Mosquito project engaging 45 municipalities.

…The VECMAP workshop in Murcia was very successful and met the expectations of the group of scientists, health administrators and technicians from pest control companies that came looking for an all-in-one, user-friendly geographical information system to map and model vector distributions in relation to climate….Thank you Fatima and Wesley for the excellent demonstration of the possibilities that the tool offers!... Prof Eduardo Berriatua, University of Murcia

Indeed, during the workshop, we had participants representing different institutes: Murcia Regional Health Council, University of Murcia, Lokimica S.A., NEIKER Instituto Vasco de Investigación y Desarrollo Agrario, University of Córdoba, University of Castile-La Mancha, University of Aveiro, Consejería de Salud de la Región de Murcia.

Our guest speaker Dr. Pedro F. Sánchez López, Murcia Regional Health Council, presented to the participants their experience with VECMAP, about the project, the planning and objectives and how VECMAP is going to help them in the design and implementation of the sampling strategy, collection and identification of Aedes albopictus mosquitoes, and finally the creation of the needed risk maps.

…VECMAP has proven to be a valuable tool for vector surveillance. This workshop in Murcia, in south-eastern Spain where many vectors thrive, has resulted in a great opportunity to share experiences and better understand how VECMAP is functioning. Thanks Prof. Eduardo for the organization and thanks Avia-GIS staff, Wesley and Fatima, for coming... Dr. Pedro F. Sánchez López, Murcia Regional Health Council

During the workshop, participants got introduced to VECMAP®, its added value to their work, and how to gear it to their specific needs. They also got a hands-on training on spatial modelling with VECMAP® Lite using their own VECMAP® Lite software package. Follow-ups on VECMAP Premium are being arranged after the workshop.

…I had the good fortune to attend the "stop" that VECMAP on-tour had in the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Murcia... Fatima and Wesley showed us the ins and outs of the great tool developed by Avia-GIS… We are implementing it in our company to develop entomological surveillance and modeling. We encourage the entire Vector Control Community to explore it and check on the next stops on the Tour… Manuel García Howlett, Lokimica S.A.

We thank all our participants for their enthusiasm and learning spirit, and we look forward to hearing about how they will integrate VECMAP® into their work.

"VECMAP® on-tour" is the new Avia-GIS initiative to organize introductory workshops hosted by institutions throughout Europe which are at the heart of the action.

This workshop is one of several workshops to come that will take place in different countries until the month of April 2017. Next season starts in September 2017. If interested, please express your interest by clicking on the link.



Universidad De Murcia