AVIA-GIS conducts third VECMAP on-tour in United Kingdom

January 23rd & 24th 2017

Our third VECMAP® on-tour workshop (and the first in 2017) was exceptional because we had to organize a second day so that everyone could attend!

This time it took place in the UK in collaboration with the University of Liverpool, on the 23rd & 24th January.

The workshop had 25 participants in total, from different institutions including our co-organizer University of Liverpool as well as Moredun Research Institute, Imperial College of London, Biobest Laboratories, Agri-Food & Biosciences Institute, IVCC, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the Natural History Museum - London.

… I found the workshop very well designed and inclusive - .... I found the practical session very useful - really great to get some hands-on experience.… Liz McGinley, PhD student, University of Liverpool

…The workshop certainly whetted the appetite for what the VECMAP tool could be used for in terms of surveillance…. the guys were really knowledgeable with good communication skills.… Rebecca Mearns, Senior Veterinary Advisor, Biobest Laboratories.

During the workshop, participants got introduced to VECMAP®, its added value to their work, and how to gear it to their specific needs. They also got a hands-on training on spatial modelling with VECMAP® Lite using their own VECMAP® Lite software package.

…it was really our first experience of any sort of mapping or spatial modelling…Wesley was excellent at demonstrating the use of the program and explaining statistics and modelling terms such that I was able to understand… Gillian Mitchell & Grace Cuthill, Moredun Institute.

Stories on how VECMAP® Lite was used in some of the projects done by Avia-GIS and other institutions were presented: Liver Fluke mapping at different scales, Rhipicephalus appendiculatus in Kenya, & Predicting Neuro-Borreliosis patients (from DTU).

… I was impressed with the software and its potential and hope to apply it to some of the survey data which I have collected already.… the VECMAP documentation allowed me to work at my own pace and I completed all the work the next day in my own study… Michael Clarkson, Emeritus Professor, University of Liverpool

We sincerely thank the University of Liverpool and especially Dr. Jane Hodgkinson and Prof. Diana Williams for hosting this workshop and Jill Hudson-Browne, for the continuous support and hospitality.

We also thank all our participants for the lovely spirit they brought to the workshop, their enthusiasm and constructive feedback. We, defiantly, will take them with us to next workshop.

"VECMAP® on-tour" is the new Avia-GIS initiative to organize introductory workshops hosted by institutions throughout Europe which are at the heart of the action.

This workshop is one of several workshops to come that will take place in different countries until the month of April 2017. If interested, please express your interest by clicking on the link.



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