AVIA-GIS conducts third VECMAP on-tour in Finland

March 30th 2017

VECMAP® on-tour season is still on going. This time it carried the Finish flavor as it was organized in collaboration with the University of Helsinki, on the 30th March 2017.

The workshop had 12 participants from different institutions including our co-organizer University of Helsinki. Other institutions were: University of Turku, INSURE project- Central Baltic, THL (National Institute for Health and Welfare), and Natural Resources Institute Finland.

…I found VECMAP to be innovative with its “one software” approach from specimen collection and data entry to data analysis… I enjoyed the graphical user interface, which eliminated the need to learn to code and the possibility to follow the map calculations in real time… Thomas Grönthal, University of Helsinki

… The workshop was well organized and interesting… I didn’t have much of experience but VECMAP was easy to use by following the instructions. It was easy to work with the software intuitively… Paola Diaz, INSURE project – Central Baltic.

During the workshop, participants got introduced to VECMAP®, its added value to their work, and how to gear it to their specific needs. They also got a hands-on training on spatial modelling with VECMAP® Lite using their own VECMAP® Lite software package.

“…VECMAP technology in my opinion, is handy and really one-in-all-solution support system for enhanced decision making process… Edmund Asare, University of Helsinki

Interesting discussions for future cooperation and working on new projects where VECMAP® would be of great use took place. We look forward to taking them to next steps. Such added value is our reward as a company.

… personally, I think it was a unique and fun experience… the demo was clear enough to expose most of the software's potential. Hope I can put it to use for my own research project.… Ruo Jia, University of Turku

We sincerely thank the University of Helsinki and especially Pro. Olli Vapalahti & Ms Lorna Culverwell for hosting this workshop and good organisation.

We also thank all our participants for the lovely spirit they brought to the workshop, their enthusiasm and constructive feedback. We, defiantly, will take them with us to next workshop.

"VECMAP® on-tour" is the new Avia-GIS initiative to organize introductory workshops hosted by institutions throughout Europe which are at the heart of the action.

This workshop is one of several workshops to come that will take place in different countries until the month of April 2017. If interested, please express your interest by clicking on the link.



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