Article 1 - Subject of the licence

Avia-GIS hereby grants a non-exclusive licence to use the VECMAP® software subject to the terms and conditions set out below and described in Annex 1.

Licence to use means that the Licensee is entitled to use the VECMAP® software and the associated documentation for the Licensee’s own company.

If the Licensee wishes to use the software and documentation at other premises, the Licensee shall inform Avia-GIS of this.

Article 2 - Term of the licence

The licence shall take effect upon acceptance of this agreement and has no end-date.

Article 3 - Copies

The Licensee is prohibited from copying in any way, even partially, the software and associated documentation which are the subject of this agreement without the prior, explicit and written consent of Avia-GIS, except for backup purposes at the premises stipulated in Article 1.

The copies authorised under the previous paragraph shall be solely intended for the Licensee’s internal use and shall also be backed up at the Licensee’s address.

The original program and the associated documentation as well as any copies (complete or partial) are the property of Avia-GIS.

Article 4 - Transfer

The Licensee cannot transfer the rights and obligations under this agreement to third parties in any way whatsoever. The software and associated documentation cannot be made available to third parties in any form whatsoever.

Article 5 - Changes

Changes to the software and documentation may only be made after obtaining the prior, explicit and written consent of Avia-GIS.

Article 6 - Copyright

Avia-GIS holds the copyright to the software and associated documentation which are the subject of this agreement. Any unauthorised use of said software or the associated documentation shall render the Licensee liable to prosecution.

Article 7 - Fee

The Licensee does not have to pay a license fee for the licence granted.

Article 8 - Guarantee

Avia-GIS does not give in any way warranty to the correct functioning of the software.

The Licensee must inform Avia-GIS in writing of any fault in the software no later than three days after discovering it. The fault or disruption must be reproducible.

The guarantee is explicitly limited to the repair of the software and excludes any other possible form of compensation.

If Avia-GIS discovers, upon examination, that the problem is not caused by a fault in the licensed software, Avia-GIS shall not be liable.

Article 9 - Information

The Licensee confirms, upon signing this agreement, that the Licensee has received the software and associated documentation.

Article 10 - Disputes

Interpretation of this agreement and any disputes arising therefrom shall be resolved in accordance with Belgian law and shall be referred to the competent courts of the judicial district of Antwerp.