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Disease vectors such as mosquitoes and ticks are of increasing concern worldwide. Yet relatively little is known about the actual distribution and spread of vectors or the diseases they transmit.

In addition through hitchhiking on international trade and travel (the Global Village), exotic species may establish themselves in new regions if meteorological and environmental conditions are favorable.

Finally trends such as climate change and land development can contribute to vector distribution shifts and create a suitable environment for the introduction and spread of new pathogens.

Obtaining high quality field information is notoriously costly and time-consuming. These costs can significantly be reduced through combining cost-efficient sampling strategies, remote sensing and spatial modelling techniques to compute risk maps of vector presence and abundance, as well as maps indicating high-risk zones for the establishment of exotic species at a local or regional level. Such maps then serve as a basis for targeted surveillance and lead to efficient prevention and control.

VECMAP™ addresses this problem; head on by providing a seamless system and service that integratres the entire process of producing risk maps into a single package that can be used by a wide range of practitioners either on their own or supported by a consortium of acknowledged leaders in the field.

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Our stories

Every step of the process in place

Mosquito Management

In response to the joint request of the Walloon Ministry of the Environment, the Public Service of Wallonia and the communes of Hamois and Ciney, Avia-GIS conducted an intensified field campaign aimed at the elimination of the Asian Bush mosquito (Aedes japonicus) near Natoye. During May-October 2013 and 2014, numerous sites were screened for the presence of the mosquito. Larval collections were performed along with the placement of ovitraps to monitor the population and thus to assess the effect of the implemented control activities. Indeed, each potential larval breeding site was treated with biocides or neutralized (removed or cleaned). Although several positive sites were found, the absence of positive traps from August 2014 onwards allows to conclude that the species was successfully eliminated. These results will be monitored with new surveys in 2015.

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Distribution and Abundance Models

Avia-GIS used VECMAPâ„¢, its award winning software package, as part of a consultancy for CVI (The Netherlands) to develop distribution and abundance models of Culicoides in the Netherlands and Spain. These abundance maps served as into to spatial R0 models for bluetongue risk assessment. This was published as a scientific paper: Ducheyne E. et al, 2013, Abundance modelling of invasive and indigenuous Culicoides species in Spain. Geospatial Health, 8(1): 241-254.

As part of a subcontract to DTU (Denmark) and NVI (Norway) for the VICE project (FP7) this was further finetuned to model the abundance of Culicoides in the EU as a basis for pixel-based risk assessment studies. This work is being finalised and will continue during a PhD study between DTU and Avia-GIS.

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